Brechin City Hall Users Group

Brechin Cathedral Trust

At over 800 years old, the Cathedral is a beautiful and historic building of great significance, a landmark at the heart of the city. In 2021 it was closed for worship by the Church of Scotland. Brechin Cathedral Trust are a group that aspires to take on the management of the Cathedral and Hall for

Friockheim Community Hub Limited

The Hub @ Friockheim provides a range of services, facilities and classes/activities. The Hub aims to support all age groups and provide a place for residents and the to get together socially. For more information call us on 01241 829214.

Arbroath Courthouse Community Trust

The Arbroath Courthouse Trust hope to convert the old Courthouse buildings into a vibrant community hub, community owned & run facility that serves local people’s needs, helping to regenerate this part of the town centre.

Community First UK

Community First is about meeting the needs of communities, groups, organisations, businesses and people. We have created a Community and Business Hub in the heart of Angus where we facilitate projects, initiatives and programmes for the benefit of individuals, communities and business which in turn contributes to positive personal, family, working and community lives. We

East Haven Together

East Haven is one of the earliest recorded fishing communities in Scotland dating back to 1214. Residents and friends of East Haven take responsibility for looking after the beach, community gardens and public toilets. They aim to provide a warm welcome to visitors at the same time as caring for the environment and ensuring that

Buy Angus

Led by Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce (DACC) and Angus Council, the ‘Buy Angus’ campaign is putting the spotlight on the diverse range of retailers in Angus. The campaign aims to highlight the range of products available to buy here in Angus, encouraging residents of Angus to shop locally and support local businesses. The

Lunan Bay Communities Partnership

We are a charity set up in 2020 by residents and businesses at Lunan Bay, and our main objectives are to safely and sustainably promote, preserve and improve the natural, historic, built and human environments of Lunan Bay and its immediate environs. To achieve these aims we collaborate with the wider community who have an

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