Flourishing Destinations

This EU Leader Project was all about connecting our communities and helping them to thrive through tourism. By promoting a more holistic experience for visitor and local alike we can have a positive effect throughout Angus.

The project was about engaging with individuals, in all three countries, who were willing to work around a shared vision, purpose and set of values. In Angus the project was led by the Angus Tourism Cooperative, Murton Trust and Flourish9, with all three organisations striving to promote shared learning in tourism and collaborative working within our community. The work being carried out allowed a rare opportunity to build and share knowledge of how a flourishing visitor economy can work.

As part of the project learning visits were arranged in each country. These trips offer the opportunity to learn from like minded individuals in Europe, visit local enterprises and activities. Participants came together in conversation to share lessons learned within their own region.

Unfortunately because of Brexit, Angus’ official participation on the project came to an end, but individuals associated with the project have maintained close connections with our partners in Belgium and Romania as they continued their journey to become Flourishing Destinations. They continue to engage and support the collaborative effort across the three regions.


  • Alison Elliott

    Project Partner

    Murton Trust

    Alison is a delivery partner on the project. Contact Alison onĀ alison@murtontrust.org.uk


  • Norma Lyall

    Project Partner

    Flourish 9

    Norma is a delivery partner on the project. Contact Norma at flourish9norma@aol.com


  • Ann Marie Black

    Project Partner


    Ann Marie is a delivery partner on the project. Contact Ann Marie at amblack@blacksofbrechin.com

  • Stuart Clark

    Project Partner


    Stuart is a delivery partner on the project. Contact Stuart on stay@balmuirfieldhouse.com