Angus Festival of Making

First Angus Festival of Making to celebrate the region’s creativity and thriving artist and maker community Running from 20 – 28 August the festival is a celebration of making, craft and artisan produce, showcasing fantastic creative talent based in Angus in the North East of Scotland Festival goers will have an opportunity to explore the

Tourism and Hospitality Staff Induction Toolkit

Developed by industry with support from Skills Development Scotland and Scottish Tourism Alliance, the Tourism and Hospitality Staff Induction Toolkit is aimed at supporting micro, small and medium sized businesses to welcome and induct new staff to their business and sector. Many businesses have highlighted the difficulties of effectively inducting new staff into their business given the staffing pressures

Angus Year of Stories Festival – Outdoor & Nature Events

This July, the Angus Year of Stories Festival is taking place across Angus. Those of our members with an interest in our ‘Angus Outdoor Adventure’ initiative may be keen to hear more about some of the outdoor and nature focussed events taking place. Practical hands-on activities, and coastal walking events feature across this special month

Angus Year of Stories Festival: July 2022

A reminder that Angus’s Year of Stories Festival begins in a few days.Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 celebrates stories inspired by, written, or created in Scotland. Angus has many fascinating stories to tell, and throughout July we invite you to take part in some of the great events planned for our Year of Stories Festival.


Scottish Community Tourism (SCOTO) is a new community tourism network for Scotland. They have a particular focus on ‘Stay, Eat, Buy, Do, Enjoy’ and they are all about showcasing community led tourism experiences in Scotland. They are soon developing a membership model which will include options for community groups, aspiring community groups and individuals. So if you are keen

From Shore to Sea – East Haven

One hundred years ago in January 1922 a ship called the Haio was wrecked off East Haven. The only surviving item from the ship was a compass. It was salvaged from the beach by one of the old fishermen and remains in the village today. This is just one of many stories that the community

Ask Angus – Visitor Information Scheme

Campaign Background The EU Leader Flourishing Destinations Project identified that the lack of a Tourist Information Centre and Information Points throughout Angus has created a gap in the customer journey. This Flourishing Destinations activity was forced to halt due to Brexit and has now been picked up by the Pride of Place tourism working group.

Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

As many of you will be aware, this year has been designated Scotland’s Year of Stories by VisitScotland. This will be a year in which stories inspired by, created, or written in Scotland will be showcased and celebrated. Stories are one of the strongest ways we connect with one another and share our experiences. Stories

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