Archive: January 19, 2022

Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

As many of you will be aware, this year has been designated Scotland’s Year of Stories by VisitScotland. This will be a year in which stories inspired by, created, or written in Scotland will be showcased and celebrated. Stories are one of the strongest ways we connect with one another and share our experiences. Stories

Tourism and Hospitality Talent Development Programme

Hospitality Industry Trust Scotland (HIT) are running a programme funded by the Scottish Government for leaders and potential leaders in the tourism and hospitality sector. It is to aid the industry’s continued recovery by allowing more people the opportunity to improve their people management skills to better lead their businesses and teams. If you are

Wild South Esk Promotional Video

The Wild South Esk Wildlife Trail follows the The River South Esk that stretches from the Cairngorms, through Angus and in to the North Sea. The trail takes in 50 miles of Angus wildlife with 10 iconic sites featured on the trail. Today Wild South Esk launched their promotional video which is attached below. To