Community First UK

Community First is about meeting the needs of communities, groups, organisations, businesses and people.

We have created a Community and Business Hub in the heart of Angus where we facilitate projects, initiatives and programmes for the benefit of individuals, communities and business which in turn contributes to positive personal, family, working and community lives.

We have developed and delivered an innovative solution to food insecurity and food waste through our Social Supermarket S-Mart alongside a retail space which not only tackles the environmental issue of fast fashion but also provides a high street presence to local SME’s offering goods and services.

Within the Hub we also provide employment training, upskilling and employment opportunities.

As an Angus based organisation, we are fully committed to being part of the drive to ensure Angus is one of the leading players in business, tourism, sustainability, investment, community and growth economy.


If you would like to discuss investment, funding, sponsorship or how we can help you with solutions to your surplus goods, please contact us by emailing


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Carol Malone