Promoting Angus as a visitor destination by collaborative working between local businesses and organisations and identifying new opportunities for tourism.

Who we are

We are representatives of the businesses, groups and organisations that operate within the tourism community in Angus. We provide the services that visitors to the area need. We work at the attractions and  in the restaurants, accommodations and shops that provide service to visitors and locals  in Angus. We have a vested interest in the success of tourism.  If tourism grows and prospers, our businesses grow and prosper.

What we do

The purpose of the Cooperative is to work collaboratively to improve the tourism offer in Angus and to promote the area as a visitor destination in particular through:

  1. bringing together Angus businesses involved in the tourism industry to encourage collaboration and strategic alignment;
  2. creating an influential, collective voice to represent Angus at a regional and national level;
  3. developing and leading a tourism strategy for Angus;
  4. agreeing a strategic marketing plan to promote Angus as a visitor destination;
  5. enabling members to act together to identify new business opportunities;
  6. providing opportunities for members to share their views and experience, and to network and collaborate;
  7. supporting businesses to increase capacity and capability

ATC Board

Partners working with the ATC