Who we are

We are representatives of the businesses, groups and organisations that operate within the tourism community in Angus. We provide the services that visitors to the area need. We work at the attractions and  in the restaurants, accommodations and shops that provide service to visitors and locals in Angus. We have a vested interest in the success of tourism.  If tourism flourishes, our businesses and communities flourish.


A thriving membership organisation working together for the benefit of tourism in Angus


The purpose of the Cooperative is to work collaboratively to improve the tourism offer in Angus and to promote the area as a visitor destination in particular through:

  1. Industry Leadership – Providing an informed and influential voice for Angus tourism at a regional and national level.  Encouraging and supporting individuals to undertake leadership roles ensuring continued growth and increased capabilities of the members to support tourism
  2. Enabling networking and peer support  – Creating and facilitating regular events and other opportunities for members to connect and engage in business support.
  3. Collaboration and engagement  – Foster and nurture opportunities for members to work together on activities that enhance our members products and services.
  4. Contribute to and support the delivery of the Angus Tourism Strategy  – Members work in partnership with stakeholders to develop and lead on the contribution to working groups in the delivery of the strategy and plan
  5. Inspiring innovation and business growth  – Sharing and showcasing examples and stories of success to develop Angus tourism

ATC Board

Partners working with the ATC