Do you have an interest in tourism? Would you like to take part in a learning visit to Belgium in April 2020?

This learning visit will be offered to individuals in the local community of Angus, who are involved directly or indirectly in tourism. Participants can include individuals from businesses, community leaders or volunteers. The learning visit is funded as part of a wider AngusLEADER funded project.

Our overall project works across three areas of Angus Scotland, Meetjesland Belgium and Bazinul Dornelor Romania. We hope to develop a flourishing visitor economy that benefits the whole community. Across the whole project we will be researching and driving community-led tourism using three main themes of welcoming visitors, promoting local food & drink and traditional rural skills.

Angus Tourism Cooperative is a partner with Murton Trust, Flourish9 and Angus Council and is currently taking part in a Transnational Cooperation Project with Belgium and Romania.