Can Tourism help Tayside’s #RaceToZero?


Tourism is evolving fast. COVID-19, the climate and biodiversity crises and new major geopolitical instability is changing how people travel, where to and why; even whether they can travel at all. In this state of global ‘permacrisis’, new questions are being asked about tourism and old assumptions are being challenged – Is travel a right or a privilege? Should growth in tourism continue to be encouraged and who gets to decide? How can destinations continue to develop in the light of this new operating environment and who pays?

Join us for a lively and provocative discussion about whether tourism in Tayside can transition from being a major carbon emitter to a driver of more regenerative living for both local people and visitors

Hear from three local initiatives already tackling this issue:

Angus Tourism Co-operative’s Flourishing Destinations project
Brechin’s Community-Led Tourism project
The Cateran Ecomuseum

And share your ideas about how Tourism can help Tayside’s #RaceToZero

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