These difficult trading times have highlighted the importance of having a range of ‘routes to market’ and working effectively with others in the supply chain. Understanding the needs of businesses you sell to – whether they be retailers, hospitality or wholesale/distributor it is important to understand their needs; to be able to negotiate with knowledge and awareness of the needs of these businesses. Sustainable pricing is more than ‘cost-plus’; it needs to meet not only your requirements but also those of the businesses who buy from you or distribute your product. Understanding their needs will support productive and successful relationships.

We look forward to being joined by Steph Johnstone, Assistant Buyer at Cress Co (https://www.thecressco.co.uk/) fine food and drink distributors delivering all over the UK to deli’s, cafes, bars, farm shops, butchers, fishmongers and hotels, plus many other independent retailers. This is your chance to speak directly to a distributor, ask questions, and explore this possible opportunity for your business.

The first three Appetite for Angus Get Togethers have explored the local food & drink opportunity, and how you can develop & tell your story. Building on your story and the market opportunities let’s now start to explore different routes to market.

If you get a chance, take a look at some pre-recorded webinars by following this link: https://ww1.sruc.ac.uk/business-services/help-in-your-sector/food-drink/

If you have any specific questions ahead of this event please just let us know by contacting: foodanddrink@sruc.ac.uk