The Angus Tourism Cooperative is always looking for ways to better connect our members and never has the time been more important for this than now. For many of us our days tend to involve more time online and most of our networking takes place across various social media and digital platforms.

With this in mind, the Board of the ATC made the decision to update our website and offer our members an improved platform to engage, learn and discuss issues that affect our businesses.  Our involvement within the Flourishing Destinations EU project allowed us access funds that we could use to do this community engagement work.

The new site offers more features than before that allow us, as members, to forge better links to one another.

  • Members now have a more detailed listing with links to their social media channels and bio section for key people involved within the business of organisation. We’ve also included a featured member showcase on the home page too.
  • Event section that highlights various tourism related local and regional events.
  • Resources page that brings together relevant links to support and information for our businesses.
  • Our involvement in driving collaboration is highlighted via the Initiative pages that detail the work being done by various groups with the support of the ATC.
  • better links to sign up for our newsletter and receive regular updates.

All in all, our members now have an improved online resource that can help us connect and collaborate.