To ensure we continue to see progress within the ATC, it is important to harness fully the energy, creativity and commitment of our members and seek to capitalise on the leadership potential inherent in the sector.
To provide a framework, we propose the formation of a number of ATC sub-committees to steer progress across specific areas of tourism development and are now looking for feedback on this idea and offers of active member involvement in the groups, especially in leadership roles.

We suggest that sub-committees report regularly to the ATC Board but are otherwise free to develop their respective agendas based on members’ expertise and interests. Initially, we propose establishing the following five groups:
  • Food and drink production and promotion. To coordinate, foster collaborative development and enhance promotion of Angus’ rich food and drinks offer.
  • Angus Events. Overseeing improved coordination and collaborative events development, including calendar coordination, cross ticketing, mutual publicity, digital promotion, sharing infrastructure & support services.
  • Activity and itinerary development. Broadly ranging to include sport, recreation, arts, heritage and wildlife tourism development. Development and promotion of existing and new activity festivals to ensure a higher profile for Angus.
  • Travel trade interface. Oversee and develop liaison with travel trade interests to ensure that visitors extend stay wherever possible and have optimal experiences. National and international focus to include cruise ship business and V&A outreach interests.
  • ATC communication, planning and development. Focus on recruitment, publicity, communications including social media, member services development and liaison with statutory bodies.
From time to time, it may also be necessary to convene time-limited project or interest groups to help steer specific collaborative developments.

If you are interested in joining one or more of these groups please do get in touch.