Tillygloom Farm

Tillygloom is a small traditional family farm which is situated on the outskirts of Brechin.

In 1998, Johnny and Fiona Watson started their free range egg enterprise with 12 hens and sold eggs at the back door of the farmhouse. In time, they created an egg round which now supplies eggs to shops and cafes in Angus and Perthshire.

As demand grew, they decided to relocate the egg sales to the end of the farm road in order to catch the passing trade and sell their produce in a practical but novel way by introducing their vending machine.

As well as selling free range eggs, duck eggs, potatoes and seasonal veg, they sell home baking which is supplied by two local businesses.

We frequently update our facebook page with what produce is available each day.



Key People
Photo of John Watson

John Watson

I was brought up at Tillygloom Farm where my parents farmed before me. Fiona and I bought the farm from them in 2002. Since then, we have expanded the egg business, opened the Egg Box and diversified into biomass and solar power as well as cropping the ground and keeping livestock.

Photo of Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson

Johnny and I married in 1996 and I have been lucky enough to juggle helping on the farm as well as raising our 3 children here. I am mostly involved with the egg business and overseeing the Egg Box but am happy to help with the livestock etc when required.