Stories of Stone

Our mission at Stories of Stone is to safeguard Angus’ geological and historical legacy. By organizing guided walking tours, we aspire to instill a sense of awe and inquisitiveness towards the world we inhabit and educate the general public on Angus’ abundant history and geology. Our current base is the Arbroath cliffs, but we plan on extending our coverage to other parts of Angus. Potential tours may include exploring Edzell through the blue door and delving into the heart of Angus for a Pictish walk. Through our tours, Stories of Stone strives to unearth the narratives embedded in our rocks and reveal the intertwined human and geological histories of Angus.


Key People
Photo of Morag Smith

Morag Smith

My name is Morag Smith, the founder of Stories of Stone. Having worked as a geologist around the world for two decades, I bring a unique perspective to my latest venture. Recently, my family and I decided to move back to my childhood home in the Fit O’ The Toon, Arbroath, Scotland, to live a more sustainable and community-oriented lifestyle. My husband and I are both geologists and we have always believed that Angus is a region that deserves more recognition in terms of tourism. Having volunteered for the Scottish Geology Trust and our local residents community group FOTRA for the past four years, we recognized the rich potential of Angus’ geology, history, and overall narrative. And thus, Stories of Stone was born – an ecotourism business that aims to share the compelling story of Angus with the public.