MoR Beers

MoR Beers is an artisanal microbrewery based in Kellas, producing real ales and craft beers in bottles, cask and keg. MoR is Scottish Gaelic for great, so naturally our brews are great too. It can also mean big, just like the flavour we craft into each brew. We use innovative brewing techniques, modern recipes and the finest ingredients to create our handcrafted Real Ales and Scottish Craft beers.




Key People
Photo of Dominic Hughes

Dominic Hughes

Hi, I’m Dominic. I’ve been brewing for almost a decade now. At the start of this journey I completed a Masters in Brewing & Business at the University of Sheffield, with the intentions of immediately having my own brewery. Instead I was instrumental in setting up and launching what is now a globally owned brand in London, worked at a bunch of different breweries honing my skills, and eventually, about three years ago, moved to Angus where I’ve been bringing MoR to life.

Brewing has never been a 9-5, but you never really work full time, all the time, until you set up your own business. It’s immensely rewarding seeing something you’ve produced being enjoyed right on your doorstep, figuratively, though it would be great if Angus looked inwards and sought out local produce to enjoy, even if it meant I missed out on the often epic weekly drives, covering hundreds of miles of beautiful Scottish landscapes delivering beer. No matter how you look at it, beer is hardly the best choice for saving the environment, but if you’re looking for a local beer that hasn’t travelled hundreds of miles, and actually supports the local economy, please just get in touch.