Kinnaird Kitchen

Kinnaird Kitchen was established in July 2021 and is located in the original pantry of Kinnaird Castle on the Southesk Estate in the heart of the Angus countryside.

We produce handmade luxury fudge and tablet made in small batches using our family recipe which is over 100 years old, creating the foundation of all our products. Using the very best ingredients we add no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in any of our products. 

Our confectionery is made using manual techniques and the entire process, including packaging, is done by hand.

We use approximately 6% of alcohol in our flavours, comparable to other brands which use less than 1%, so you are guaranteed each piece of fudge is packed full of great taste.

We carefully curate our flavours and collaborate with other Scottish producers to bring high quality flavours to our range; these include Glen Grant Whisky in Speyside, Innis & Gunn in Edinburgh and Maison Dieu Coffee Roasters in Brechin.

Try our delicious range of flavours:

Original Fudge, Original Tablet, Glen Grant Whisky Fudge, Maison Dieu Coffee Fudge and Innis & Gunn Beer Fudge.