Glenisla Hotel

The hotel is situated on the Cateran Trail in the Kirkton of Glenisla and welcomes all who love the Glens!

After being closed in January 2020, current owners Bryan and Isobel Webster bought the Hotel in September 2020. Since then, they have rented the 10 rooms on AirBnb. In April the Bar and Restaurant opened as a separate organisation, run by Manager Gary. Now, The Hotel is once again a community hub which is popular with locals and tourists alike!


Key People
Photo of Bryan Webster

Bryan Webster

I’m from Dundee, with a lifetime of family connections in the Angus Glens. We spent a lot of time in the various hotels, so it has been a delight to be part of reviving Glenisla Hotel within the Glenisla community and keeping it going as a hotel.  It’s my job to try and keep things working in this ancient building so that James can get guests in for the rooms, and the people running the Bar & Restaurant know that whatever goes wrong will be sorted soon – or sooner if necessary!

Photo of James Webster

James Webster

I grew up in this area, I went to Glenisla Primary School for a while.  I love living at the hotel, organising the Airbnb and other bookings, meeting the guests and making sure they all have everything they need to have a great time in Glenisla.

Photo of Isobel Webster

Isobel Webster

Growing up in Dundee I spent a lot of time in the Glens, especially in Ballintuim where my aunt lived.   At Glenisla Hotel I’m a bit of a general dogsbody – I help with the rooms and bookings, communications, and anything I can do to keep things coordinated between the rooms and the Bar & Restaurant.  Like James, I love living in Glenisla!