Framedrum Venison

Our aim is to provide locally-sourced venison (primarily roe) to local people and businesses, as well as limited amounts of processed products such as venison and/or pork sausage, burgers, smoked sausage (both venison and pork), and smoked meats such as pulled pork, Summer Sausage, and ‘Tasso’ made to an authentic Southern USA recipe taught to me during a visit to Georgia. All venison is shot, butchered, and processed by myself, so it really is the very definition of a ‘small and local’ business. We’re based between Forfar and Brechin (only ten minutes or so from Murton Nature Reserve). I’m passionate about locally-sourced, sustainable, and ethical meat, and I see this as a potential way of making a fantastic product available to more people, some of whom may know very little about how it’s sourced, or even how to obtain it.


Key People
Photo of Stuart Masterton

Stuart Masterton

I’ve never run a business of any kind before (I’m actually a mechanical engineer), and the idea really started from when we moved onto our wee smallholding. There was an old derelict laundry room that had been abandoned for years, and I wanted to turn it into a basic butchery area as I love making my own sausages, bacon, etc, as well as of course doing my own butchery on the venison I shoot. The butchery room turned into something a bit more elaborate than I first envisaged, so the idea struck me to see if it could become more than just a hobby room. We also keep and milk our own goats, and the plan is to incorporate the soaps and hand cream that we make from their milk into the business at some point too.