From those early memories in my grandmother’s kitchen, and my days studying professional Patisserie at City of Glasgow College, to my life-changing opportunity at Gleneagles – where I’ve had the privilege of representing the UK in global culinary competitions, creating bespoke chocolate room gifts, and built show stopping chocolate sculptures for events like the Solheim Cup – I’m delighted to introduce people to my very own brand, Chocolatia, which is one part passion, one part knowledge, two parts hard work, all mixed together with a generous dollop of love.

All my chocolates are designed to be absolutely devoured, either with a cup of tea, a dram of whisky, a glass of champagne, or shared with someone special over a kiss and a cuddle, so I hope they sweeten your day!


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Chloe Oswald

Anyone who knows me will tell you that chocolate is my world.  It’s no coincidence that all the letters of my name, Chloe, appear in the word chocolate; we are kindred spirits.

Both of my grandmothers taught me all the basics of baking and, often when I’m developing a new creation or recipe, I think back to the days we’d spend in the  kitchen, cooking and laughing.

I founded Chocolatia as a way of expressing my personality through my work.  After refining my pastry skills for several years, under the expert eye of the chefs in the two Michelin-starred restaurant Andrew Fairlie and at Gleneagles, I felt ready to take the plunge.  With the support of my friends, family, colleagues, and suppliers I finally found the confidence and courage to set up on my own.