Carnoustie Distillery


  1. We are a small family run business, Jory, myself and Granda Ron (Very handyman), we create bespoke small batch flavoured Rum, Gin and Vodka, everything Jory makes is fermented and distilled on site, we use as much local products as we can, our rum is created with organic molasses giving it a rich deep taste.
  2. We started Carnoustie Distillery in September 2017, our distillery started in a small garden shed which eventually blew down in a storm, we now have a log cabin which we absolutely love.
  3. Jory was in Collage studying Social Science, he came home one day and said that he was fed up of collage and wanted to start a business with me, must admit that made me kind of proud, then he said he would like to start a distillery, once I got over the initial shock I started the paperwork, HMRC, SEPA, Police, Fire, Angus council etc etc…..were actual all very helpful, then one day all our certificates came in and we were officially a Distillery with our own bond.
  4. Unfortunately Carnoustie Distillery isn’t open to the public but we hope to one day move into bigger premises with a visitors centre, something that Angus can be proud of, that’s our goal.


  1. Working with my son has been an absolute pleasure, seeing him growing from a quiet boy into a strong young man confident in what he creates makes me so proud.  We have our moments, but Granda is usually the calming voice, I just love getting up in the morning and spending time with Jory, we are very much a family comes first team.
  2. Jory does the fermenting, distilling, bottling, labelling and lidding, I do the paperwork, licencing and booking events, I also help Jory when we are extremely busy in distillery (which is more and more), Granda is the handy/delivery man and he keeps the distillery ticking over, Friday is our busiest day as we pack for markets, do deliveries and then we have a clean up of the distillery.
  3. When we are at markets or gin festivals Jory and myself love a laugh, we have fun, we absolutely love what we do and what we create in our distillery, It’s a passion we think comes through our products and why people seem to enjoy them.
  4. If there are negative side we haven’t found them yet, being such a small distillery with limited budget, that can get difficult and can cause problems.
  5. I cannot imagine running a business without Jory, maybe my daughter Caoimhe, we still hope one day she will join the company…


  1. It’s a family run business at the moment but we do realise that we will have to get investment to make it to the next level, we have an excellent team around us at the moment, from Ed Talking Horse Design to Social Media Cheryl@Blue Murder Events.
  2. Working with Jory, spending time with him makes me happy, but the reason I push myself so much is that eventually it will be Jorys company and knowing I have helped to secure his future is my goal.


Key People
Photo of Jory Duncan

Jory Duncan

Jory is our distiller; he was thought to be the youngest distiller/owners in the UK, Jory does the distilling, filling of bottles, lids labels all by hand.

Photo of Billy Duncan

Billy Duncan

Billy does most of the paperwork, licences, and a backup to Jory.