Black Thistle Distilleries

Black Thistle is a craft distillery of gin, vodka, and rum based in the heart of Angus, a region renowned for producing the finest fruit and vegetables. With this abundance of top-quality local produce, we need never to compromise on the key ingredients that make our gins and rum standout. We select a finely balanced blend of local and more exotic botanicals for each of our spirits. We are a craft distillery with palatable prices.

Before Covid hit, we would regularly spend time getting to know our customers during our gin tastings in the local area and around the country which proved to be very popular and a minor boom for a few hosting local business. We hope dearly to return to building that more personal relationship with our customers, and sellers as we move into safer times.

As Covid hit we also moved into producing hand sanitizer, which we have been supplying to local business since the beginning. We feel very fortunate to be in a position to help our community.


Key People
Photo of Brian Mckinnon

Brian Mckinnon

At Black Thistle we are a small team, and we all play our key roles in making sure we produce the highest quality craft spirits.

Brian McKinnon, oversees the producing and distribution of our spirits. Brain, comes from a long history in whiskey production, and lends his considerable experience to our production.

Photo of Bruce McKay

Bruce McKay

Bruce McKay also oversees the producing and distribution of our spirits. Brian comes from a chemical engineering background which lends its self considerably to the craft.