Angus Business Connections – ABC

Angus Business Connections provide peer to peer learning opportunities, one to one business support, training events, workshops and mentoring programmes as well as help create new business collaborations through our networking Huddles.

Angus Business Connections supports micro, small and social enterprises across Angus.

We are from Angus.  We live in Angus and we run our own business from Angus which means we have first hand knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced when starting and maintaining your own business in Angus. Often, particularly at the beginning of our journey small businesses can lack self confidence, are unclear of priorities or even where to start. Or as time goes on, we may find ourselves unsure of or reassessing our goals.

Because we believe in a person centred approach, we deliver support based on individual needs. We work closely on a one to basis to ensure your needs are being met. We support you to build confidences in self, abilities, environment and your business concept.

If you feel you might benefit from our services or would like to make enquiries, please email or complete our contact form found in the here.

Key People
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Pauline Lockhart

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Carole Malone