Angus Alchemy Ltd

Angus Alchemy have found that following their noses has always brought unexpected results – and that’s the way they like it. Taking innovation into outstretched arms and give it a big, sweaty, end-of-the-night embrace. Maybe for just a wee bit longer than is comfortable.

But that’s alright. Innovation doesn’t mind. In fact, it hugs them right back. It’s something of a symbiotic relationship. They took a risk and built a distillery on their own terms featuring cutting-edge design, operations… and, of course, high-quality spirits. In return, they’re able to use words like ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘high-quality’ like some kind of Silicon Valley wunderkind giving a keynote speech.

Angus Alchemy are here to disrupt and shake up what it looks and feels like to be a distillery and to create a visitor experience unlike any you’ll find elsewhere in Scotland.