• Over the last 20 years Kelly Ann has worked in the Angus and North East Scotland tourism and wildlife sectors for organisations including the National Trust for Scotland, Scottish Wildlife Trust, VisitScotland and Angus Council.  Kelly Ann has worked in visitor services, business relationship management, events and public relations and product development.
  • Professionally,  Kelly Ann is currently developing “Wildlife & Nature Tourism” opportunities with a range of partners and Angus communities including the “Angus Coastal Festival” and “Wild South Esk”- an EU LEADER funded journey through rural Angus from Corrie Fee to the North Sea.
  • Kelly Ann’s own interest in connecting people and nature, tourism and a love of the Angus countryside, in particular it’s coastline, led to the development of the Marine Life Angus website in 2011. The website highlights coastal hotspots for wildlife sightings and communicates marine mammal sightings along the Angus coast for the enjoyment of Angus residents and  visitors.